Jennifer Nelson

Purchased the red floral face mask which arrived within 48 hours of my order being placed. Lovely packaging and mailed 1st class to boot! The mask is a good fit and looks the same as the one on the dummy! I haven't used it yet as it's my 'dress up' mask for when the lock down is finally over


Love the facial toner


Amazing company! I especially love the facial toner, it completely soothes and moisturizes my face after a shave, prevents any shaving bumps

Lauren Kandakuma

I have been thoroughly enjoying using the serum and face mask from Bluebird skincare. I apply the serum every night and wake up with such hydrated skin. The face mask leaves my face feeling plump and rejuvenated and I will definitely be re-purchasing! I cannot wait to try other products from the range!

Sam Barakeh

Great men’s products and instant results with the adaptation period


Great experience sampling the men’s face cream! With some brands you sometimes have initial time for sensitive skin to adapt to the products but the natural ingredients in this meant my skin responded well straight away with Bluebird’s product. Thanks so much!

Elsie A

Sampling bluebird products


I had the pleasure of sampling various skincare products from bluebird skincare. I suffer from dry skin but loved the products because after using them for just over a week my skin felt truly moisturized. I will recommend the skin butter truly a dream, refreshing.

DK Uncovered

I've been using bluebird since last year and it is amazing. It helped to improve my skin tone. My face looks smoother and firmed and it is hydrated all day. I love the scent as well.

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